Reduced Energy Bills
Did you know that Solar panel technology today cost less than electricity? Or that the cost of power from an Invertor or Diesel Generator is about 2~3 times more than the electric power is used to charge the batteries? Based on your customer classification and location, you could decrease your per month power bill by up to 40%, sometimes even more.

Safe Investment, High Returns
Solar is not just a secure investment; it also gives better profits than some of the standard investment strategies we make e.g. FDs, Mutual Funds, Indian Stock market, etc. Since the profits on a solar financial commitment are in the proper execution of benefits (non-taxable income), it is like having your cake and having it too. All this, right at your doorstep...err...rooftop!.

Lifetime Negligible Maintenance
Just make sure the solar segments are clean. At our houses, it's as easy as watering the plants. At offices/ sectors, it is a quick job for the house-keeping employees. On the other hand, you could have the solar remedy company perform an AMC. "GeoSolar" provides easy yet innovative mobile-based resources to help you always get the best out of your solar system.

Environment Friendly
We all focus on a clean environment for ourselves, our families and our future. It is sad to emphasize ourselves, that we live in toxic times. By infrequent utilisation of non-renewable energy sources, we are indulging in activities that cause land, water and air pollution. Solar energy doesn't stress our current environment, on the contrary, it undoes some of the sins we have dedicated. If Indian sticks to its 100 GW solar aspirations tilll 2022, specialists calculate the displacement of 275 million tonnes of carbon emissions by 2025. That's equal to inhabiting 14 cricket ground with plants, such as the stands! Or eliminating almost 50,00,000 automobiles from the streets.

Anyone Can Use
India is of naturally blessed with lots of sunight. And sun shines out similarly on everyone. So whether you are a top business honcho or a small manufacturer proprietor, solar power panel technology advantages eveyone. Whether you need to light one single light bulb or need enough power to power your town, there's a solar power remedy looking forward to you.

And there are more benefits
Natural development of our nation 40 crore people in India do not have access to power. Solar is the only source of power which can effectively meet this lack and lead to an inclusive development Energy security for our nation by reducing import bill on account of oil, coal and gas Balance of the India Rupee against global foreign exchange.


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