On Grid Solar Plant - How Solar Net Metering Works

On Grid Solar Plant is the sure shot way of reducing your electricity bill. You can take control of your electricity bill and no longer worry about it for the next 25 years. Sounds complicated! Let us help you understand.

On Grid Solar Power Plant connects directly to your Electricity Meter and supplies electricity to the GRID. The electricity that the solar panels generate get supplied to the Grid & are counted by the Solar Net meter which is installed by BSES or TATA Power or DHBVN or any electricity distribution company prevalent in your area.  These exported units are deducted from your Bill. Simple!

Let us take an example - You consumed 2000 units of electricity in a month. The solar plant produced 1600 units which got exported to the Grid. The Solar Net Meter installed by the DISCOM counts both the import of power and export of power to the Grid. Thus your total bill will now be, Import - Export that is 2000 - 1600 = 400 units. You can enjoy huge savings on your electricity bills every month. Your electricity meter becomes like your electricity bank account where you can keep depositing Solar units during the day and use them whenever you want at any time of the day or night. The Solar Meter does all the calculation and nothing changes for you. 

Watch this Video to see how it works  -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9F0xhN5i3M&t=5s

You get a statement of account every month with your electricity bill which clearly shows the Total Solar Units Generation which is exported and total electricity units which are imported. Thus the accountant in you can do the number crunching and enjoy the benefits of Solar Savings.

You don't even need to change a single wire inside your home.  Everything happens seamlessly without any changes in the way you use electricity in your home. 

Still, don't believe it - You may review the Solar Net Metering Policy for New Delhi on the following link - 

Solar Net Metering Policy in New Delhi.

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Solar Panels can work magic on your monthly budget leaving you with extra cash to spend every month. You can plan your future expenses better as the Guaranteed life of a Solar Plant is 25 Years. Yes, you read it correctly. 25 Years is a good part of your life you can get rid of your electricity bills for this entire period. Visit our office or call our experts to see sample bills of happy customers paying Rs 10 to 15 every month for all the AC's they run in their homes.


Solar Panel Subsidy Process

The Solar Power Plant Subsidy Scheme is very consumer friendly. The entire process of approval is managed and organized by us. You just need to register before the subsidy quota gets over and we take care of the rest. Call our executive to understand the registration process, then just sit back and relax. Our team takes care of the entire process and keeps you informed at every stage. Here is the process made simple for you!!

Site Analysis
Subsidy Approval

Commissioning & Approval

Subsidy Disbursement
System Monitoring

As you can observe, these are four simple steps. Once you register your rooftop, our expert engineering team does an inspection of your rooftop. We then share a design for your roof and get the approval from BSES\Tata Power\any other DISCOM. We also get your subsidy approved which basically means that you know upfront that your subsidy has been approved before you go for complete installation with us. Our team then starts the work after these approvals.



Site Inspection & Design



Pay Token amount


for Approvals

Net Meter & Subsidy approval


Kick Start

Our engineers start the work


Use our Simple Solar calculator. Find out how much electricity units are you going to generate by using your rooftop space, how much CO2 will you save and its positive impact on the environment. Figure out the payback period for your rooftop solar power system plant. For a personalized savings report, please call our Solar Consultant.



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