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What is solar power?
Very simply, solar power is the power of the sun which can be used to generate heat or electricity. It is clean (no fumes), quiet (unlike diesel fuel generators) and alternative (unlike fossil fuel and other non-renewable energy sources which take years to resume, the sun's rays hit the earth every day).

There are two wide ways in which we use direct sunlight energy - its heat or thermal property (e.g. solar power water heater) and light or photovoltaic or PV power (eg. a solar power panel that can power your pocket calculator or an entire city).

Why use solar?
Every second the sun generates enough energy to maintain the needs for 500,000 years. But, why use it?

It's financially sensible: The price of conventional power is booming every year. After the preliminary price of setting up solar power facilities in your home or office, you have zero recurring expenses on the solar power source.

You can recover your capital cost within three years in large Commercial plants and within four years in small residential solar plants for your home. Either way, you enjoy guaranteed free electricity for 20 Plus years after recovering your initial investment. The total generation warranty of solar panel is 25 years. Therefore a lot of Big companies are choosing Solar Power due to high ROI.

It's environmentally sustainable: Let's face it, we are using non-renewable fuel and other non-renewable energy sources much faster than it can replenish itself. As a result, the world is not having enough non-renewable sources. The sun, on the other hand, stands out daily.

Research shows that a 1kW solar power system helps you to save 77 kg of non-renewable fuel from being burnt off, 397 liters of water from being absorbed and 136 kg of Co2 from being released into the weather.

What are the types of Solar Power Plants?

There are three types of Solar Power Plants -

On Grid Solar Power Plant - You can choose between On Grid Solar plant which reduces your bill through Net Meter. This does not provide any back up as there are no batteries

Off Grid Solar Power Plant - You can Choose this option if do not have the Grud available. This provides back up with batteries. 

Hybrid Solar Power Plant - Hybrid Solar Plant provides the best of both worlds. It provides back and also supplies excess energy to the Grid to reduce your bill through Net Meter. 

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What are the Types of Solar Panels available in India?

There are primarily two types of Solar Panels used in Rooftop solar projects. 

Polycrystalline Solar Panels - These are the most popular type of solar panels and used widely as a standard installation. Our Gold pack offers the 72 cell version which efficiency of 17% or more. the wattage of each panel is approx 325 to 335 watts. We offer various options like Vikram Solar, Adani Solar, Waaree, etc. 

Mono-crystalline PERC Panels - These are the latest solar panels and are more expensive. They offer 360 - 365 watts in the same size of 72 cells. Thye offer more power in the same area and we offer it to our premium clients. The wattage is expected to increase to 400 watts per panel in the near future. 

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