01 What is a Solar energy PV System and how does it work?

PV, short for Photovoltaic , originates its name from the process of transforming light directly into electric. Simply put, a Solar energy PV product is an electrical place that produces energy from suns.

The primary elements of a Solar energy PV system are:
Solar Modules : Solar panels include of a team of small tissues made from semiconductor material. When the sun's light drops on the modules, it captivates the electrons, thereby creating dc (DC).
Solar Inverter : The DC energy goes into an inverter that transforms it into ac (AC). We use AC for running our house or office or factory .
Storage Battery power : The best use of solar technology is to consume it while it is being produced. If the importance is to store this energy and consume it in the non-sunny days or hours.

02 Does a Solar system produce same energy output throughout the day?

Solar PV works on the basis of the strength of suns light it gets, your solar program typically awakens up at around 6am in the early morning and goes to sleep at about 6 or 7pm in the evening. The power outcome improves progressively and mountains at around mid-day and then progressively reduces as the Sun begins setting.

03 What factors are important to consider when planning to go solar?

it is important to consider:
a. How much of your needs can you meet with solar?
b. How much can you save by going solar?
c. Do you have enough shadow-free space (land or roof)?
d. How much do you want to invest in your solar PV system?

04 Can solar be my sole energy source?

Yes, if battery power are used. But essentially, if grid energy is available, then it is suggested to use solar energy along with grid. Solar PV can be incorporated with your present energy resources in such a manner that the first concern is instantly always given to the solar ability to be absorbed first.

05 What is the life and reliability of a Solar PV System?

A Solar PV system that is designed, set up, and managed well will function for 25 years or even more than 25 years. The Inverters, which are a fundamental element of a Solar PV program, may need an alternative once in the 25 years life-time of the program.


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