In India, The Viability Of Solar Power

  June 16, 2020      Solar Power

In India, The Viability Of Solar Power

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India is a country located near the equator and receives approximately 3000 hours of sunshine each year, which is equivalent to 5,000 trillion kWh of energy. India has an annual capacity to generate more than 1,900 billion units of solar power, which is equal to the total annual demand for electricity by 2030. The Government will largely drive demand with the NTPC, NLC, CIL, NHPC, and Railways, all inviting tenders for solar projects. 

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There are several factors that decide whether India will transform into solar energy: 

1. Geographical Advantage

The geographical position of India is such that it can not only generate enough energy to satisfy its own needs but also provide enough energy for the entire world! Since it is in the tropical zone, it receives ample quantities of solar rays for about 3,000 long hours of sunlight during the year. In India, there are top five states with the highest renewable energy efficiency, where solar panels are capable of generating sufficient quantities of electricity even on overcast days.

We Geo Power are the top-leading solar panel company based in New Delhi, NCR, dedicated to the design and delivery of custom rooftop solar power projects and solutions. Geo power has a key presence in both the Commercial and Residential Markets with offices in Dehradun, Ahmedabad, Noida, and New Delhi, and currently has projects in 9 states in India. We are the Top Solar Panel Manufacturing Company and a leading brand that has stood for quality and commitment over the last few years.

2. Highly Advantageous at Cheap Cost

It is true that solar panels and solar systems are, at the outset, slightly expensive to purchase. It is also true, though, that after solar systems have been built up, they tend to save money from the moment on. Solar panels typically have a lifetime of about 25 years and are certainly worth investing in any way. The use of solar energy to power electrical devices reduces any reliance on the continuous supply of electricity everywhere. Solar power is also good riddance of high monthly electricity bills for the common man. Geo Power aims to become a common point of touch for Applications including Renewable Power Options at a reasonable rate. Geo power is associated with some of the national as well as international brands like Luminous, Growatt, Trina, Waaree, and Geo power itself.

“The whole idea of the solar initiative is to do something positive, and to substitute dirty energy with renewable energy”

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