How solar plants better than Fixed Deposit savings?

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How solar plants better than Fixed Deposit savings?

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As we all know that solar plant is a good investment plan in the upcoming future. So why don't we do it now to invest our savings in the solar plant. Though there is a special kind of term used recurring deposit which is offered by banks in India which helps people with regular incomes to deposit a fixed amount each month into their reverting deposit account and earning interest at the rate applicative to fixed deposits. And solar saving is the saving that you can make by your electricity bills by installing a solar power plant on your rooftops.

The purpose of the right investment plan is simple, rather than depositing your money in fixed deposits you can invest that amount on installing solar power plant up on your rooftop and invest the saving which you made by your electricity bill in recurring deposit and the best part of this investment plan is that as the price of the power unit increases your profit will increase too.

So the question arises that how saving can be done by installing solar plants? 

The average power generated by solar power plants in India per day is 4 units per day. So power generated by 3kw of solar power plant for a year will be 3×4×365=4380 units per year. And the price per unit in India is Rs 8. (if the consumer is consuming more than 800 units per month) so annual saving on a 3kw solar power plant will be 8×3×4×365=35040 Rs per year or 2976 per month and you can make an investment of 2976 per month by saving in your electricity bill in a recurring deposit. Also, the one can avail accelerated depreciation up to the extent of 80% on the initial investment on the solar plants on the rooftop if installed for commercial purposes.

 A brief tour of Geo power with all possible solutions for you:

GeoPower India Pvt. Ltd. Is it a significant supplier to the market? At Geo Solar, we have the dream to lead it from the front at a time when the solar revolution gathers momentum. We deliver personalized solar systems to suit your requirement. GeoSolar aims to become a single point contact approach that provides solar power options. We build synergies and introduce new technologies to support power uses at a reasonable by research and development companies all over the world.

Major benefits of Geo power installation

1) Environmentally Friendly

2) Low Maintenance

3) High Returns

4) Unlimited Solar Energy

5) Emerging Technologies

6) Sustainable Solution 

 Other benefits

1. Less dependent on the electricity grid supply

2. Generating a clean and noise-free energy

3. Helping and participating in reducing the Co2 levels from the environment

4. Positive prospect for the solar plant as it is environment friendly with no harm.

Also, we have several popular brands tie-ups with Luminous, Trina, Waaree, Growatt, and Geo power itself.


By looking forward to advancement in solar technology and with the government support it is expected that in a year to two, the return from the solar plant may surpass the return from the fixed deposit and recurring deposits offered by the commercial banks.

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