Times are changing and changing fast as far the solar energy land scape in concerned. Solar Power plants used to be quite expensive and were only feasible for large scale multi MW power plants spread over acres of land. Costs were too high for any small scale implementation by solar power plant dealers. In fact it was impossible to find a small EPC company or a solar power plant suppliers in your vicinity. The primary reason was affordability. The prices of solar panels was so high that it was not possible for solar energy system dealer to take up KW scale solar energy projects. Looking at the current efficiency rate of solar panels, roughly about 110 SqFt space is needed for putting one KW of solar energy system. This meant that the power plants that could be put on rooftops were about an average size of 5 to 15 KW for an average household. Five years ago if one had to buy a solar plant of 15 KW recovering the high cost would take forever making the project financially unviable and was typically used for academic purpose only. No one installed solar systems at home or on small rooftops. Generally, you will get numerous authorised solar panel dealers in your area but in rural areas there are one or two dealers are present.

Solar power is now becoming affordable and how. We at Geopower a leading solar power plant suppliers in collaboration and under the esteemed empanelment of Solar Energy Corporation Of India, brings to you Solar Subsidy Program under the 500 MW grid connected scheme. This brings affordability to you like never before. This program reduces the price by 30% by giving central financial assistance UPFRONT. Guess what, you do not need to install the solar panels pay the full price and then run around to govt. offices to claim your 30% subsidy. In fact this subsidy is available to you upfront and you can pay only the the remaining 70% cost and the Solar power plant dealers will install the system. Claiming the 30% subsidy from Solar Energy Corporation of India, MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) will be the responsibility of the Solar energy system dealer. You as a customer cannot get a better deal than this.

All of sudden you can put a solar power plant on your rooftop and earn money by way of savings electricity bills for 25 long years. Yes you heard it right, the solar panels have a performance warranty for 25 years and probably a much longer life even beyond this period. It is as good as buying a property and lasts almost a lifetime, ok may be the good part of it.

Geopower has appointed Solar power plant dealers in several states to ensure that this benefit of subsidy reaches as many people as possible. You may choose to work with our solar panel dealers or you could contact us directly to meet your Solar energy needs.

Solar Energy has become feasible now and you can recover your investments in 4 years or so and then you can mint money for the rest of life of the system which is pretty long. In the end your rooftop power plant will end up savings almost 5 times the initial investment. So yes, you are really making money from the Sun, it's as simple as that. You just need to ensure that you make the right choice and tell your solar power plant suppliers that you want to only pay 70% of the cost and do it the GEOPOWER WAY. Why pay the entire amount when you can get upfront 30% solar subsidy from our solar panel dealers without any hassles.

Also, please note that this subsidy is only available until the 500 MW quota lasts and people are lapping it up in 100’s of KW as even bigger schools, institutes and hospitals registered as trusts are eligible to claim subsidy from the same quota. These big campuses have connected load in Megawatts and rooftop space runs into thousands of SqFt. spread over several buildings. They are all eligible for getting this solar subsidy so hurry up, get your subsidy approval with the help of our solar panel dealers before it all finishes up.



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